What is BTO Multisports?

I can't really tell you much about BTO without telling you about myself, since (at this point) BTO is pretty much just me.  I raced my first triathlon in 2002.  It was the Seafair Triathlon here in Seattle.  I don't even remember the conversation that sparked it, but a friend and I were talking about doing a tri.  I suggested we do it as a relay (let's not get too amibitious).  She countered with the suggestion that we do it individually.  So, I went for a few bike rides (on the bike I'd had since I was 9), swam about twice and jogged here and there.  Race day-swam breastroke the whole way, used a borrowed bike, and was dismayed by all the older ladies passing me on the run!  Gratifying to finish, but no narcotic-like rush that so many describe after their first encounter with triathlon.

Fast forward to 2005-I had gotten back from a 2-year stint in Brazil as a missionary and had 15 lbs to lose.  A buddy suggested we do a triathlon!  Why the heck not.  But you're not getting me to wear spandex!  So I started preparing.  I bought a mountain bike and tooled around that, then got a road bike and tooled some more.  Swimming came back slowly but surely from 5 years of youth swimming and jogging was just that-jogging.  Race day, it poured rain, but I had a great time, crossed the finish line and-what a rush!  Done deal, I'm your man, triathlon.  Let's go.

In 2006, I was lamenting the lack of triathlons near school that occurred during the school year.  The thought appeared, 'poof', 'why not put on your own race?'  So, away I went.  A few months later, the Ironclad Triathlon debuted, and life was never the same.  From nothingness, I had pulled out of the air (so it seemed to me) a living, breathing race.  Many thanks go to Webb Institiute, the administration, students, and community of Glen Cove for their support of the race (and especially Pete Morris for the great breakfast buffet!).

I graduated, I got a job, but the idea of being a race director stuck with me.  So, with some fits and starts, BTO Multisports came to fruition.  Today, I'm a competitive age grouper triathlete.  My goal is to put on races that I would want to do--races in unique locations, with thoughtful volunteers and staff, challenging courses, good competition, and delectable food afterwards.  You'll have to let me know how I'm doing!  

Figure 1: Porter Bratten Running

What does BTO stand for?

Bratten Triathlon Organization....Butter Topped Oysters...Barely Time to Oogle...Badly Timed Ovation...Buff Triathlon Oboist?

I'm not entirely sure yet.  The acronym comes from a company my mother and father formed before I was formed-BTO Energy-of which they were the only employees.  My father passed away when I was very, very young and I felt like naming my company in similitude of his was a way to feel more connected to him.