Wednesday 25 Jan 2012
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Pacific Aquathon Series

ATTENTION: The Squidman Aquathon has been cancelled.  Read more about it here.

BTO Multisports is proud to announce the creation of a unique and innovative race series for 2011: The Pacific Aquathon Aquathon Series.  A combination of swimming and running, an aquathon is ideal for newcomers looking to get started in multisport as well as experienced athletes seeking something different to spice up training and racing.

The series features five races at three venues.  Building upon the success of the Islander Aquathon debut last year, the Pacific Aquathon Series brings you the excitement of short-course racing at convenient locales, with inexpensive entry fees, beautiful courses, bounteous prizes, and a professionally-run race experience.

Dates and locations for 2011 races:

Wednesday, July 20th: Seward Park Aquathon I, Seward Park, Seattle
Wednesday, August 3rd: Islander Aquathon I presented by Dilettante, Luther Burbank Park, Mercer Island
Saturday, August 13th: Squidman Aquathon, Des Moines. 
Wednesday, August 17th: Seward Park Aquathon II, Seward Park, Seattle
Wednesday, August 31st: Islander Aquathon II presented by Dilettante, Luther Burbank Park, Mercer Island

IMPORTANT: If you are not a USAT annual member, you will need to either pay a one-day membership fee ($10) or annual membership fee ($39).  We only accept cash or check.

Also, please note that registration does not include the official Pacific Aquathon Series Awesome T-Shirt.